Radiographs & Ultrasound

Our in-house equipment allows us to provide better care for our patients.

  • General Diagnostic

  • Dental

  • Pregnancy Radiographs and Ultrasounds

  • OFA of Hips and Elbows

  • Orthopedic Radiographs

Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. Quick Diagnosis: In-house radiographs and ultrasounds provide rapid results, allowing veterinarians to diagnose and treat pets more swiftly. This can be crucial in emergency situations where timely diagnosis can be a matter of life and death.

  2. Convenience: Having radiography and ultrasound equipment on-site eliminates the need for pet owners to travel to external imaging facilities, which can be stressful for both pets and owners. It also minimizes the delay in receiving results.

  3. Better Patient Care: In-house imaging helps veterinarians monitor the progress of a condition or treatment more effectively. It enables them to make immediate adjustments to treatment plans if necessary.

  4. Reduced Stress: Reducing the need for transportation and extended hospital stays can help alleviate the stress on pets, as they are more comfortable in familiar surroundings. This can also lead to better diagnostic images in some cases.

  5. Better Communication: Having immediate access to imaging results allows veterinarians to discuss findings and treatment options with pet owners promptly. This enhances communication and ensures that owners are actively involved in their pet's care.

  6. Continuity of Care: In-house imaging allows for better continuity of care. The same veterinary team can perform the initial diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up imaging, leading to more consistent and effective care.

  7. Emergency Preparedness: In emergency situations, such as trauma cases, having in-house imaging equipment is critical. It enables rapid assessment of injuries and helps veterinarians make quick decisions regarding surgical interventions.

  8. Training Opportunities: In-house imaging also provides training opportunities for veterinary staff. Veterinarians and technicians can become more proficient in using the equipment and interpreting images, which can lead to improved patient care.

​​​​​​​Having in-house capabilities can greatly enhance a veterinary clinic's ability to provide timely and comprehensive care to its patients.